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Zigvoice is an impressive innovator in the contact center industry. At Zigvoice, we are providing the best contact center solution on a real-time basis. Zigvoice helps call centers to reach their maximum efficiency with up-to-date technology, superb customer service and a commitment to bettering the contact center industry. When we developed AgentPower in 1987, we created a relationship with Nortel and Avaya and ROLM. All 5 AgentPower modules work with Nortel, Avaya, and ROLM ACDs, and the Planning and Scheduling Module works with any modern ACD system.

MCCS 3.0, Zigvoice's flagship product, is now readily available for standard launch. MCCS 3.0 features the capability to integrate with the Cisco SBCS (Smart Business Communication System) and provides both real time skillset and agent statistics as well as a full reporting suite.