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ZigVoice Contact Center Software Features

With increasing requirements to meet corporate governance policies and improving customer services, contact centers have realized the need to record, analyze and archive customer interactions in order to extract detailed information from these data.

Continuous monitoring of calls maximizes benefits such as:

1. Availability of data recorded for dispute settlement and protection against fines and legal costs.

2.Compliance with agreements on service levels, organizational policies and general regulations.

3. Best customer service practices and performance measurement agents.

Analysis Call Center

Performance and productivity analysis of contact center is based on a number of dynamic variables in real time. Traditional reports and tables do not collect this effective dynamic information to provide sufficient information and viable operational capacity for administrators to quickly identify the object of study, measure the performance of agents, and make intelligent decisions.

Today, managers of contact centers need interactive tools to process and analyze dashboards, information portals and dynamic visualizations to see the overview of the call center, as well as efficiently compare data and manipulate information. Some of these immediate benefits that the contact center can get using an application scorecard based front-end, such as the ZigVoice Call Center Software, are:

1. Fast monitoring of business dynamics for effective decision-making

2. Having accurate, relevant and accessible data

3. Identify and follow trends, key performance indicators and problems that will affect performance

Management workforce

Contact centers are developed based on two main factors: performance capacity to reduce operating costs, and the potential of income generation. Both aspects are directly affected by a more important factor: the agents.

The management of the workforce or workforce management is difficult to deal with. Traditional methods require administrators of the contact center to continuously update and adjust the daily schedules according to a number of parameters such as agent availability, service level objectives, production targets and variable agent performance.

A workforce management module integrated into a software solution provides full visibility of contact center activities in real time and helps contact center managers with four critical management operations:

1. Analysis of calling patterns and historical trends in order to predict the volume of calls and human resource needs.

2. Creating flexible schedules that can be adjusted in real time according to the actual needs.

3. Assigning tasks / schedules and monitoring agents in normal compliance.

4. Reporting in real time and track ongoing changes in order to make appropriate decisions

Call center software

Contact centers are geared to a number of important tasks such as debt collection, campaigns telemarketing conducting, technical assistance, etc. For each sector, the process of collection, organization and dissemination of information varies, so the challenge is to harness the individual needs of each campaign based on the potential a software tool can deliver:

1. Collect, organize and retrieve the correct customer information

2. Validate data and ensure that they are correct through the interaction with customers.

3. Manage call flows by activating specialized programming algorithms.

4. Facilitate the configuration of individual scripts for each campaign and allow real-time changes to prevent contingencies.

5. Be available for the CBX 9005, the “workhorse” of the ROLM/Siemens PBX/ACDs.

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