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ZigVoice Contact Center Software for ROLM PBX

The pace of change continues to increase, especially for technology and contact center applications. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to adapt the latest technologies if you want to compete with other businesses in your field. But the problem is how to be one step ahead of your competition? The answer is the ZigVoice Contact Center Software, which provides you a comprehensive and efficient contact center call recording, agent monitoring and performance management software.

With ZigVoice, you can adopt complex technologies, transform your business and adapt new processes to meet the expectations of your customers, while minimize risks and accelerate the pace of innovation.

ZigVoice automates comprehensive contact center processes across all channels of conversation, including the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system. In addition, it eliminates all technical barriers to offer the customers the best experience. Using ZigVoice, contact center can deliver new capabilities faster and more reliably than manual call monitoring tools.


According to Telizent, ROLM was an early innovator of private branch exchange systems (“PBX”) well before the 1984 round of AT&T divestiture. Prior to 1984 most business users simply ordered service from AT&T which was analog (2500 sets) running off a central office switch. ROLM Telecom was spawned from Rolm Mil-Spec Computers, with “Mil-Spec” referring to building customized and rugged (EMP-resistant) computers for the US military. Leveraging the military computer controlled communications framework led to the concept of the computerized branch exchange or CBX which was carried forward in branding through the first half 1990’s. (

ZigVoice Contact Center for ROLM PBX

ZigVoice contact center quality monitoring and call recording software fully support both your current and future telecom environment.

ZigVoice provides the following solutions for ROLM PBX users:

1. Web Based Evaluation Forms
2. Traffic Calculator
3. Call Recording
4. blueButler
5. Recorder Plus

What is blueButler

blueButler is an enterprise level call recording and recorded call management solution. It enables companies to optimize call recorded business processes while identify new revenue opportunities, mitigate risk, and manage a highly qualified and productive workforce. Integrating blueButler feature into the ZigVoice software allows contact centers to capture voice call files for review, evaluation and reporting, secure liability compliance, help identify areas for improvement, and settle disputes quickly and easily.


Zigvoice is fully compatible with Siemens PBX models. All associated call details are recorded with the audio. It begins when the client calls your IVR system or contact center from an external phone. The call can be transferred intelligently via IVR system or voice application, and be processed efficiently by an agent . You can also customize and automate the activity of your agents throughout the contact center regardless of their geographic location, knowledge and infrastructure.

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