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ZigVoice Products Releases MCCS 3.0

ZigVoice Products has completed the testing cycle for a 3.0 milestone release. Many fascinating modifications are in store for the MCCS product, the primary reporting and real-time product for call and contact centers.

Version 3.0 adds a new telephone platform, Cisco SBCS. The SBCS platform is Cisco’s low-end offering, including the UC 520, 540 and 560 telephone systems designed for small businesses and branch offices. With the inclusion of the SBCS systems, ZigVoice now offers a unified reporting and real-time statistics platform that scales from the smallest Cisco installation all the way through a Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise system. Report on every system in your organization (Cisco, Avaya or Nortel), all in one central location.

In addition to the new platform support, ZigVoice is offering a new report type, a “Day of Week” report, which offers hundreds of potential new reports across all of our telephone systems.

MCCS 3.0 will feature our new unified reporting engine. By unifying our report creation into one central piece, we produce reports faster and easier than ever, and adding new data fields and entire new telephone system support is easier than ever before.

Finally, ZigVoice has continued to add new data fields for our existing supported telephone systems, including new fields available for Nortel Queue and Agent reports.