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Give your call center the tools and support system needed to easily meet your customer’s specifications. AgentZig gives you real advantages. Historical, real-time, and forecast information is available at the touch of a button to plan, monitor and manage your call center.

Award winning Call Center Management Software

AgentZig is an award winning software for Call Center Workforce Management. AgentZig’s coordinated stand-alone modules allow you to develop employee schedules, track queue and agent performance, as well as communicate clearly with your agents. Give your agents the information and support they need to perform their jobs to the best of their ability.

Siemens ROLM

AgentZig is available for the CBX 9005, the “workhorse” of the ROLM/Siemens PBX/ACDs. We enhance reporting capabilities by acquiring the agent and group reports, converting and storing the data, thus providing historical reporting capability. We have existing customers who’ve been using AgentZig with the ROLM 9005 & 9006 continuously since the early 1990s.

AgentZig is a suite of 6 dedicated applications. These applications can work together or individually. They feature the following workforce management components:

 – Planning and Scheduling

 – Agent Adherence

 – Agent Performance

 – ACD Group Performance

 – Real-Time Agent Status

 – Info Screen

AgentZig’s six separate modules are priced to fit a range of call center needs and applications. Whether your call center has five, twenty five, or hundreds of agents, AgentZig can work for you.

Two Bonus Modules add value specifically to Nortel’s ACD offerings.

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