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Benefits of Contact Center Call Quality Monitoring Software

Many companies have dedicated staff for call quality monitoring rather than adopt automated software. And some organizations establish their own contact centers without even integrating quality monitoring system. Call monitoring software is essential to collect customer information, which is a profitable operation to raise the quality of customer service. The main thing in every contact center is providing quality support to every customer. Poor customer support is detrimental to the reputation of the brand and the image of the contact center. The benefits of call quality monitoring include increased client satisfaction, increased agent productivity, increased sales & revenue and improved agent skills.

Customer Support Grading

When monitoring is performed by a group of internal quality controlling staff or team leaders, the call center representatives may wonder if the score they receive from customers would be modified by other interactions within the company. however, when monitoring and grading are performed by quality monitoring software, none of these potential inline modifications will happen.

Following Metrics

Contact center managers are frequently interrupted. If managers are responsible for monitoring the calls, they would often handle fewer calls per session. If an interrupt occurs during a live monitoring, the managers will be most likely to miss important information leading to an inaccurate assessment. The contact center quality monitoring software offers the potential to automate the monitoring function and provide customized training for agents. Also, the software can make this task faster and can produce more accurate measurements.

Data Protection Liability

Each recorded call that is an accurate record of a customer’s confidential information can prove invaluable if the client later presents a complaint or lawsuit. Without such data protection liability, it becomes much more difficult. While a misunderstanding or misinterpretation of a commercial transaction is still possible, automated call recording software removes almost all disputes arising from the contents of a verbal exchange.

Training New Agents

Recorded calls can be used to train new agents. Reviewing the performance of an agent can identify areas of concern and suggest methods for improvement. It can also be so valuable in self-assessment of an agent. In most contact centers, an agent will not be hired without showing the basic job skills necessary to deal with customers. That means they must be qualified to judge their own performance at work. Listening back to the meetings with the customers, these agents may find areas to improve. Sometimes all they need is the opportunity to review their politeness, conversational style and the way of using the material script.

Agents Performance Evaluation

Agent performance evaluation is the best way to ensure quality customer service. In today’s competitive environment, it is much more important than ever. Monitoring is a critical part of the process to teach new hires how to deal with customers, how to handle difficult situations, even just how to follow a script and read a screen full of complex information. The best way to evaluate agent performance is to use live call monitoring system and agent reports.

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