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ZigVoice Contact Center Software for Cisco PBX

Contact center is the place where a client calls for solutions to their problems. A great contact center is the place where any customer can get their issues resolved. There may be various levels of scales in any contact center where the calls can be distributed on the basis of intensity of the customer issues.

Thanks to the innovation in technology, new strategies have been designed for the betterment of daily routines. Without the advancement of technology, daily tasks otherwise would have taken massive amount of time and skills. The advancements in technology have developed a variety of business opportunities and made it possible to have different business functions operated automatically. This has also opened new opportunities for companies to develop software to adopt advanced forms of communication to make their business successful. ZigVoice’s multichannel contact center software is easy to adopt and integrate within any size of contact center.

Contact center, cisco software need an automated system to deliver professional customer service, so customers can enjoy better communication and faster response. When businesses help other people, those people tend to want to support the company in return.

ZigVoice Contact Center for Cisco PBX

ZigVoice cutting-edge solutions work with equipment from the giants of the computer telephony industry. It offers PBX integration support for Cisco Networks. We are committed to fitting our clients with an appropriate solution. ZigVoice Contact center software is fully compatible with UCCX 8.0 and 8.5 for the following solutions:

1. Web Based ACD Historical Reporting

2. Web Based Real-time Reporting

3. Web Based Evaluation Forms

4. Traffic Calculator

5. Call Recording –Back Office

6. Blue Butler

7. Call Parrot

Other features include Recorder Plus, Digital Signage, LED Wallboards and Agent Dashboards.

Agent Dashboards

Agent Dashboards is a feature-rich module that makes it easy for agent to offer quick customer service on the go.

With Agent Dashboards, now your agents can know the real-time queue condition without distraction. NetQ is an alternative to the “heads up” LED Reader board. It constantly provides real-time data to every agent screen within a LAN. NetQ’s on-screen box shows the queue name, the number of calls in queue, the age of the oldest call in queue, and the number of manned positions, as well as several other queues or split statistics. It also allows you to set your own thresholds. So as the call-handling situation gets critical, the on-screen colors change and a responsive alarm sounds.

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