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Key Features

The AgentZig Software provides 6 coordinated, stand-alone modules that allow you to develop employee schedules, track queue and agent performance, and communicate this information with your agents. For specifics on each module, please see below.

Description Of The 6 Modules

The modules work independently or together.

Planning and Scheduling

This is AgentZig’s most powerful module. Call history is captured directly from your ACD as a starting point for forecasting inbound call loads. Based on anticipated call volumes, AgentZig calculates the staffing needed to meet performance level goals. Planning time frames for scheduling range from half-hourly to monthly for the whole budget cycle. Scheduling is by half hour so that staffing can be balanced with the workload. You’ll know in advance of staffing shortages and surpluses so you can take appropriate action. It’s all there for you in an easy-to-use graphical format.

Agent Adherence

Once you’ve taken the time to optimize your work schedule to balance your staffing with the projected workload you can achieve the target service level. Monitoring¬† everyone’s active work time helps you to meet your goals. Long lunches, early or late breaks, late starts, extended breaks can leave you understaffed. AgentZig tracks who are working when they are supposed to be and who’s not. Each agent gets a daily score, expressed as a percentage.

Historical Agent Performance

AgentZig stores and consolidates agent data into a powerful database. Then you can produce reports on any individual agent’s performance by day, week, month, quarter, or year to date. AgentZig will produce your favorite reports automatically, as scheduled.

Historical Group Performance

AgentZig helps you track the performance levels of your call center by reporting the success of your ACD group in specific terms. This powerful tool captures data in half-hour intervals and offers reports showing your results anywhere between half-hour-by-half-hour all the way up to year-to-date. With just a few clicks, you can select and produce your report or schedule AgentZig to produce it automatically.

Real-Time Agent Status

Real-Time Agent Status monitors current ACD activity. The summary page tracks multiple Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) groups quickly and easily in one window and keeps cumulative information for “so far today”. Should any group slip out of performance standards, click on the group name along the left side to reveal the details. The detail window shows colour-coded agents’ status, names and duration of the current state. The display changes to highlight when an agent is on not ready (post-call) status for longer than the threshold you set.


AgentZig puts data on a reader board or desktop for every agent to see and updates it promptly. Clear information helps agents make better decisions based on current office workflow and agent activity.

Bonus: C2S2

Specifically designed to work with Nortel’s premier ACD product offering the Contact Center Manager (formerly “Symposium”). This module focuses on seating patterns within your call center. A floor map of your office shows ACD positions with colour coded dots which indicate which seats are occupied, and what work state agents are in.

Bonus: AP-Lite

There is also a bonus module for the Nortel Meridian 1 with C2, (the basic Nortel offering). This last module offers basic historical reporting at a very favourable price point.
While all 6 AgentZig applications work with Nortel, Avaya, and ROLM ACDs, the Planning and Scheduling Module works with any modern ACD system.
ACD statistics, sometimes called Historical Statistics are collected by the telephone system reporting package. Certain ACD’s (Nortel, Avaya BMCS, ROLM 9005, Meridian 1 ACD C2) provide reports that are supplemented by AgentZig. Other ACDs provide call center history (call center statistics) without the addition of AgentZig.


On our website the following terms are used interchangeably to describe the process of designing agent schedules: call center scheduling, call center staffing, and employee scheduling. The software tools are referred to generally as call center scheduling software, employee scheduling software, scheduling software, or specifically as AgentZig Planning and Scheduling Module.