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LED - Wall Display

Wall Display is a program designed to transmit messages and real-time data to wallboards. You can even add, edit, and view all messages from the display right on the agents desktop!

The Telescopes Wall Display interface has user-friendly, easy-to-use menus and functional features. Managers can prominently display vital call center information such as alert agents to escalating challenges, inform of modifications in a daily schedule, or post security reminders to guarantee smooth operations. Display unplanned and/or schedule text messages that appear at specific times. For further customization, you can modify text colour and effects to indicate message priority.

Compatible With

Avaya CMS

Cisco UCC & Cisco UCCx

Cisco IPCC

Interactive Intelligence

Nortel Contact 6.0

Nortel CS1000

Nortel Meridian

Nortel Symposium


Virtual Hold

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