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What is PBX Reporting Software?

Aug 25

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In the current context of continuous and intensive computerization, the most successful call centers have dispensed with the facts and figures distracting to reach the right track of what should be measured to mark success around and improve the customer experience. Based on a customer service strategy, lower number of calls handled per hour or irrelevant duration of a call damages the quality of service, but quality metrics that do not contain quantitative measurements of efficiency can have a contrary adverse effect on customer experience and satisfaction.


Zigvoice cloud contact center solution provides feature rich PBX reporting software which helps you combine, simplify and share PBX systems and other business data and allocate telecommunication charges so that you can quickly deal with reporting inquiries, and stay focused on your business operations.


Function of Zigvoice Contact Center Software


Zigvoice provides the entire standard features that every professional call center needs. With these features and affordability, you can make a dedicated contact center anywhere.


Linking to the CRM system


Zigvoice provides a connection to the CRM system for managing customer relationships. For example, you can dial phone numbers directly from the database in the CRM system and keep a check on automatic aperture cards, thus you can handle more customers. If necessary, you can set additional specific orders according to your business needs.


Call Statistics and PBX Reporting


One of the outstanding features that our call center software provides is the reporting feature which is based on your PBX device usage along with the performance and productivity of your contact center agents. Below are the main features of ZigVoice PBX Reporting Software:


1.       Number of callers

2.       Waiting time in the queue (SLA)

3.       Shortened calls

4.       Call duration

5.       Operator record length

6.       Agent pause

7.       Used functions selection

8.       Breaks automatic operator if no agent is available

9.       Automatic call distribution according to agent’s knowledge

10.     Automatic customers opening card in case of an incoming call

11.     Easy management of missed calls

12.     Recording and subsequent search

13.     ACD Historical Reporting

14.     Bulk editing and processing of records

15.     Possibility of remote operators

16.     Ability to set user rights




With Zigvoice, you would not have to pay a lot of money unnecessarily just for reporting purposes. Integrating our software will let you enhance your business more easily and let you create your own professional call center. Try our Zigvoice contact center solution, which is suitable for both small and large businesses. Our solutions are simply ideal for those who need multiple operators’ solutions. Zigvoice does all that for you.

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