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What Is ACD Reporting Software

Aug 18

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In terms of telephony, ACD has an acronym for Automatic Call Distributor or Automated Call Distribution (Automatic Call Distribution). But as its name indicates, it’s a system that allows the distribution of incoming calls to a specific group of terminals that use agents or call operators. Usually, this instrument is part of the CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) systems.


As the task of an ACD is to route incoming calls, it is the ideal solution for companies that receive huge amounts of incoming calls daily, especially when those calls are made by people who don’t need to talk to a specific department but require immediate assistance from any of the multiple agents within in a contact center.


Basically, the system consists of hardware for terminals, connectors, switches, telephone lines and ACD software. It’s a list of instructions that tells the ACD how should handle calls within the system and generally it is an algorithm that determines the best agent available to answer an incoming call. The ACD software is usually integrated with a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) of the company. The PBX deals with the information system of ACD software on all incoming call, and in response the ACD would give the direction that who should take the call. But some companies use a separate ACD system connected to a server to make decisions of routing the incoming calls.


The ACD is a very effective and useful tool for Call Centers. In fact, the system, as mentioned above, calculates the routing of calls based on the order of priority for a timeout, which allows all agents to work equally and provide better customer service.


Advantages of Zigvoice Automatic Call Distribution Software


Zigvoice call center software is designed for both large and small contact centers. Zigvoice uses the ACD technology in its contact center software so you don’t need to manage separate resources for the distribution of incoming calls.


Agents Performance Management


The perception of customers about the company will be positive when they receive an excellent service. The decreased waiting time and scope of the demands imposed by customers in the communication demonstrate intelligent and proactive actions of the agents.


Help Supervisors to Make Smart Decisions


The ACD will allow the supervisor to have information about missed calls, queues and the full time of each communication to make smart decisions to the profile of each client.


Saves Time


The time factor is the key in each communication and sets the value of the brand in the market. Through the ACD, agents will not waste time for dialing numbers or waiting for the customer to pick up the call. Intelligent automation through different distribution algorithms optimizes the list of incoming calls, allowing each agent to meet the requirements of customers.


Reduced Costs of Operations


The key is to balance the amount of incoming calls, the number of agents available to assist, and service time that each of them offers to solve the problem. According to this combination, the Call Center will have a high quality at the level of service offered. Automatic Call Distribution Software allows the reduction in costs of operations to use available resources wisely.


Customer Satisfaction


The most expensive and most valuable resources in the Call Center are the teams of agents to serve customers. Companies that have a large number of agents can solve more communications, and make flexible interactions. In the case of having a limited staff, it is necessary to optimize call management with new technologies to keep customers on the path of transition. The distribution of incoming calls through the ACD can achieve more customer satisfaction in less time while maintaining their loyalty based on effective communications.




To keep old loyal customers and attract more potential customers, contact centers needs to have an automatic call distribution system. The system will strengthen relations between agents and customers and achieve a reduction of unanswered calls.

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