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Manage Workforce with ZigVoice Contact Center Software

Aug 11

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The main aim of any software integrated with an organization is to increase business productivity and reduce cost. The same point of view is applied to contact centers. Contact center managers want to improve the customer experience and reduce costs involved in contact center departments. In a contact center, the workforce is always the main area to look to when you need to cut costs, as it usually represents between 60% and 70% of the costs of the day.


Except for agents and managers who play a crucial role in the company and its customers, companies are increasingly looking for more efficient practices that will help them move up and allocate resources more effectively. In order to achieve success in contact center business, you need to focus on two aspects:


Understanding the Market


Customers will not be satisfied if your contact center agents are frustrated. That’s why the initial step for achieving success in contact centers is to manage workforce effectively. It includes keeping employees happy and ensuring that they are really doing their job to the best of their abilities. Nowadays, more and more customers are demanding higher quality products and better service at competitive prices. Under such circumstance, contact centers are forced to seek a balance between quality of service, efficiency, effectiveness, reduced expenses and profitability.


Managing Your Workforce


If you want to improve your daily interactions between customers and employees, you’ll have to develop technology-based strategies to optimize the workforce. The contact center software can help you match supply with demand. Based on historical reports with key business assumptions in the future, you can proactively train your agents for the future workload.


The total demand depends on a combination of factors, among which include: customer transactions, organic growth of the company and the launch of new products.


The best way to manage your workforce is to utilize technology in your contact center.


Here are the major benefits of contact center workforce management software:


Service Level Objectives


Customers want quick answers to the questions and solutions to their problems. The level of outcomes from a contact center can be measured by the level of service, or the percentage of calls. Workforce management software should be applied to the rigorous statistical analysis of the key pieces of historical data and can predict staffing needs to achieve service level objective.


Improve Staff Efficiency


You don’t need to make big changes in your business to improve efficiency. Even small changes can reduce operating costs. The workforce management software maximizes the amount of time that agents spend interacting with customers and minimizes downtime by aligning agent schedules with customer demands.


Promote Agents Efficiency


The contact center agents are in the front line of service. They deal directly with customers, so they must be well trained and have excellent customer service skills. The workforce management software identifies the agents’ availability for training sessions, so they can improve their skills without adversely affecting service levels.

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