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Functions of a Call Reporting Software in Contact Centers

Aug 8

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Contact center call reporting software provides more in-depth details about calls your agents make than regular phone bills data, which you also have to wait for a month to receive. Call reports should be available whenever you need: the last hour, day, week, month or year, even in real time.


The phone bills list all outgoing calls from your company, but with the call reporting software, you can get the details of the calls made by each person and each department office. By interface Call Reporting, which is easy to use, you can register and report all events, including transfers, calls on hold and waiting times in the queue.


In addition, you can generate reports for all incoming calls as well. You can tell who answered each call, who made ​​the call (caller ID), duration of each call, times the phone rings before being answered, and missed calls (unanswered)


ZigVoice Call Reporting Software


ZigVoice provides user-friendly cloud-based contact center software for both small and large size businesses. Below are some important functions of ZigVoice contact center software that you can’t ignore while running a contact center with your business.


Simple Reports


ZigVoice offers simple but in-depth reports such as hourly, weekly and monthly call reports as well as reports of each agent. With real-time call reporting feature, you can take a closer look at all incoming and outgoing calls, call durations, caller IDs and much more. Also, you can ‘archive’ and ‘restore’ the information so that you can keep your call reports and access them anytime you want.


Compliance Report


ZigVoice allow end users to easily ensure that they are not inadvertently exceeding the use of the license payment.


ZigVoice provides a better view to end users to identify and gain direct access to all individuals that activate a copy of the application.


Trend Analysis


Contact center teams can use custom reports to analyze when and how the system is used, and use this valuable information to plan, launch and carry out sales and marketing activities more effectively.




ZigVoice call reporting system is designed to make everything easier. Its intuitive interface and built-in help files ensure that you can generate reports in minutes.


Types of Reports


·         Call Detail and Summary Repots

·         Reports by Department

·         Incoming Calls Timing

·         Abandoned Calls (unanswered calls)

·         4 Different Call Summary Reports (Hourly, Daily, Monthly and Yearly)

·         Call Logs Report

·         Caller ID Report

·         Call Forwarding Report


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