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Qualities of a Good Call Center Software

Aug 3

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Call centers are often the frontline of a business. More than 65% customers first get in touch with the company via its contact centers by phone calls or support tickets. Statistic shows that phone support should still be the number one priority for call centers since it’s much easier for a customer to pick up the phone and speak to someone who can help.


Call Centers, literately, are centers where a number of people work on receiving calls, making calls or doing both. The purposes of these centers are various. It can be a customer service department, technical support department, surveys department, etc.


But managing all these different contact center departments is not easy. Skilled agents staff is critical, but not enough to run a successful call center. Having an integrated call center software, however, can be quite helpful.


Below are some major qualities of call center software:


Call Recording


Call recording records all inbound and outbound calls and stores calls so they can be checked at a later time. The feature is useful for agents to make a reference when attend a call, and for managers to manage agent performance, especially with increased requirements of corporate governance policies and customer services. Furthermore, call recording feature is also useful for analyzing and archiving customer interactions, as well as extracting call details.


Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)


Automatic Call Distribution feature routes incoming calls to the most appropriate agent that can meet the needs of the customer. It is practiced through ACD system that distributes the call based on predefined rules including skills-based routing calls and priority calls. ACD is a very important component of a contact center. It is often taken as a backbone of a contact center that helps business to streamline the communication process.


Real-Time Reporting


Real-time reporting feature helps call center managers to optimize reporting process and automate manual reporting tasks. Real-time reporting feature identifies performance metrics and suggests future actions to prepare and motivate your call center staff to respond and resolve customer queries more professionally.


Call Controlling


Call controlling is the basic call handling component: hold, hang up, mute, conference, and transfer. Zigvoice call center software includes more enhanced call controlling functionalities. Our software is completely web based, so call center agents can easily manage all inbound and outbound calls or transfer any call to their managers.


Agent to Agent Calling


Agent to agent calling is an essential feature that increases engagement between your call center staff. The feature enables agents to call technical or maintenance service department to get the possible solution of customer problems while the customer is waiting during an ongoing call.


Historical Reporting & Performance Monitoring


Performance monitoring feature enables managers to check agents historical and real-time performance. The feature allows managers to get forecast information for future planning, monitoring and managing your call center. ZigVoice has a standalone module named "AgentPower". It helps you coordinate employee schedules, track queues and monitor performance, as well as communicate clearly with your agents.

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