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Dealing With Quality Assurance Obstacles In Contact Centers

Jul 25

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Maintaining quality is essential in all aspects of running a business but in some areas, for example, contact centers, it is even more important. The reason is that contact centers are often the initial contact channel for customers. A research carried out by NewVoiceMedia shows 69% of Americans would recommend that company to others after a positive customer experience, and 58% would never use that company again following a negative customer experience.


Thus, there’s no need to explain how important it is to improve the quality of your contact centers, which are the front line for your company to make a good first impression. Remember, bad news travels fast.


But in some cases, it is quite difficult for a company to develop and maintain the high quality of their contact centers. In fact, some companies that are growing quickly have no time or workforce to manage their call centers to meet customers’ expectation. Each year, US companies loses about $41 billion due to bad customer experience.


It is crucial for a business to make sure its customers are happy. The term quality is closely related to increased revenues and reduced costs, because it points to the most important factor in your business, ‘Customer Satisfaction’.


Here are some of the obstacles in contact centers companies need to deal with to ensure the quality.


Improving Agent Skills and Abilities


The main factor that should be tested is the level of knowledge that the agent has about your company and its products or services. These skills may also include the level of knowledge that the agent can access as well as his bargaining power, communication skills and the ability to close a sale. Measuring these will allow you to identify specific training needs regarding products, services or skills, and allow you to build individual training plans adjusted to each particular case.


Decreasing Response Times


Improving the capabilities of the agent is interrelated with shortening response times. For decreasing response times, the important thing to do is to assess your agent’s proficiency of using the call center software and information systems. You may also decrease response times by optimizing the call scripts and increasing the hours of training in the use of tools.


Ensuring Customer Satisfaction


Customer satisfaction is all about keeping your customers happy with the product or service that you provide. It performs as a crucial part in the success of business. Providing excellent customer support can make your business more valuable than your competitors. Oftentimes a professional agent can turn a negative customer experience into a positive one.


Providing quality customer services requires a lot of planning, commitment and efforts, but the results and improvements you can get in return make it worthwhile.

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