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MCCS 3.0, ZigVoice's flagship product is now readily available for standard launch. MCCS 3.0 features the capability to integrate with the Cisco SBCS (Smart Business Communication System) and provides both real time skillset and agent statistics as well as a full reporting suite.

Cisco's SBCS is a fantastic package for small to medium call and contact centers. But until now, it was missing a key component for any business - metrics. With MCCS 3.0, ZigVoice is able to provide this missing piece of the puzzle.

Alert staff members to potential critical circumstances. The Email Threshold Alert can also identify the number of incidents to each of the group/queue settings.

* Exclusively designed for hospital environments

* Displays message waiting status for up to 38 different voice mails on flat screens

* Provide your hospital’s ICU or Waiting Area a new interaction tool

* Continue to keep your patient’s family informed

* Compatible with Nortel and Call Pilot systems

* Using Message Waiting Notification will alert waiting family members

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